Free Masterclass for People Who Are Ready to be A WILDLY Successful Life Coach...
"3 Secrets to Finding the Best Life Coaching Certification Program & Discover What It REALLY Takes to Become A Successful Life Coach” 
Presented by:
Jenn August C.H., C.L.S.C.
A leading expert at helping entrepreneurs clear their fear to create profitable, authentic, satisfying, FUN businesses!
This brand new training IS for you if...
  • You want to get certified as a life coach and if you want to start your own coaching practice
  • You already coach people but you want the legitimacy of a coaching certification
  • ​You're READY to learn what it really takes to build a successful, satisfying coaching practice
You're Going To  Learn about...
  • ​What to look for in a Life Coaching Certification Program (... and what’s missing in most life coach training programs)
  • ​The keys to developing magnetic confidence as a coach
  • 3 reasons coaches struggle to get clients and how to avoid them (what mistakes coaches make that tank their business)
  • ​What It REALLY takes to become a successful Life Coach
  • ​Exciting details on where exactly you can get your life coaching certification in JUST 2 days! And how to create your HIGHLY successful coaching business success map
This live training will give you a clear understanding of what it takes to become a powerful and effective life coach and a financially successful business owner.
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